Gourmet Coffee in Jacksonville, Florida

Urban Grind Coffee Company in Jacksonville, Florida, doesn’t play around when it comes to offering our customers the very best in gourmet coffee and espresso. We use locally-roasted coffee beans and flavor them all in-house to ensure that each cup tastes exactly like it should before it is served to you.

Fresh Gourmet Coffee with an Unbeatable Flavor

Ground right before being brewed, the beans we use for our gourmet coffee are a level above most other coffee shops in the area. Each sip of our gourmet coffee is sure to put more pep in your step and help you shake off that early morning haze or sluggish afternoon rut.

The Right Cup for Your Palate

In addition to our variety of brewed gourmet coffees, our café also offers a variety of expertly-crafted lattes, gourmet espressos, and creamy frappes. You are never stuck drinking the same thing over and over again if you don’t want to be at our coffee shop. We are always updating our menu to include seasonal items as well as new flavors that we think you will enjoy.

Contact us for one of the best cups of gourmet coffee or espresso in all of Jacksonville, Florida. We don’t deal in second-best coffees at our shop.